Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Design Plan

Design Plan

Medium and Production: I am using photographs to portray my message and essay.  Since my topic is “Why is Adoption Important” I am going to take pictures of my friend’s brothers and family to portray how helpful adoption is.  I need to figure out how and what kind of action shots to take in order to display this message.  I not only need to take pictures of the brothers, I need to take pictures of how they interact with their family, to show how much of an impact adoption has had on them.
Ethos:  For ethos I want to come across to the audience that I have a concern for this topic.  I don’t want the audience to view me as someone who is pushing this or an expert.  I want to come across as someone who is displaying my concern for this area.
Pathos: I want the audience to feel emotional about this photo essay.  I am hoping some of the pictures will appeal to them as happy and uplifting.  I also want the audience to sense a feeling of sadness when they think about all the other kids that don’t have a home.  I am hoping for these emotions to help make a change in this area.
Logos: For logos my essay is passed on persuasion.  I am going to put a picture of a happy young adopted boy in hopes to persuade the audience that adoption is in fact extremely important in this society.  I need to also make captions that sometimes contain facts about adoption.


I’m going to use PowerPoint for my presentation.  I will have somewhere around 8 slides.  Some of the slides will contain more than one picture depending on the point I am trying to get across in the slide.  I don’t want to overdo it with the pictures because I want the audience to get my point and feel emotional without overwhelming them.  My first slide will be the title page.  My second slide will contain 2 photos.  My first photograph will be of Jimmy, which was the first son adopted from China.  My second picture will be of Jack, the second son adopted from China.  My third slide will be a picture of them together trying to portray the bond they have formed even though they aren’t blood related.  My fourth slide will be a an action shot of Jimmy to show the audience his everyday life.  My fifth slide will be a picture of Jack to show the audience his everyday life.  My sixth slide will be the entire family to show the audience the bond the family has.  My seventh slide will be a picture of both Jimmy and Jack on their day of their adoption (they were adopted in different years.)  My 8th and final slide will be a smile/laughing picture of them together just enjoying life to wrap it up to the audience how much better their lives got ever since they were adopted.

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